Costigan's Bursary Program

October 25, 2021

Are you commuting long distances to the office or workplace?
Do you have staff commuting long distances to get to the office or place of work?

People typically commute further in North Wales than any other part of the country, with the 2011 Census data showing that, on average, workers in all local authorities had longer distances to travel to work than the Wales average, except in Wrexham.

Whilst not ideal, the benefits of remote working soon became apparent, and a survey conducted by TownSq found that 85% of respondents wanted to work closer to home in the future. Senior Community Manager for TownSq, Carl Turner said: “Many of us will have been working from home for much of this past year. Whilst there are some real positives, like less time travelling and spending more time with family, it can also be tough living and working in the same space 24/7. Likewise, many organisations are realising that they don’t need large and expensive office space, when their staff can work flexibly, with some days in the office and some days working closer to home. Spaces like Costigan’s are easy to access and provide all the support and facilities people need to get their work done.

The Welsh Government has committed to promoting and supporting remote working in Wales, setting a target of 30% of the workforce working this way in the long term. One of the key facilitators of its flexible working strategy will be business hubs such as Costigan's, with the Government launching it's remote working Wales map in January.

The Welsh Government will be supporting anyone wanting to trail Costigan's for a free period, to learn more about the scheme or to book a tour of Costigan’s, people can call 01745 299 987 or email,